Traffic or Speeding Tickets | St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa

Traffic Ticket or Speeding Ticket in the St. Petersburg, Tampa or Clearwater Area?

If you have taken the defensive driving school within the past year, or if you have a commercial drivers license, you may need the help of an experienced traffic court attorney to help you either fight your traffic ticket or get the lowest fines without adding points to your drivers license record.  If you have been involved in an accident and received a traffic ticket you may be required to appear in court.  Clearwater Attorney Garry Potts can appear in court for you and see to it that you have experienced legal representation for your case.

In many cases Clearwater attorney Garry Potts will be able to defend your traffic or speeding ticket and help you to avoid taking time off from work to appear in court and keep from getting points on your drivers license record.  In some cases you may even be able to keep points off of your record without having to take any driving courses, thereby saving money for the defensive driving course.

Whether your Pinellas County traffic ticket is in St. Petersburg or Clearwater, traffic and speeding ticket attorney Garry Potts will review your ticket with you and advise you if there is reason to fight the ticket, or if there is a chance of getting a minimal sentence from the traffic court judge without attending court.  Please call the Law Office of Attorney Garry Potts today at (727) 538-4166 or email him by clicking here for a free consultation by telephone on your traffic or speeding ticket.